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Syah Establishments is a hospitality and entertainment company helmed by visionary Founder and Executive Chairman Felly Imransyah which comprises a thriving collection of exquisite lifestyle brands, hotels, residences, restaurants and nightlife destinations.


The company is founded on the core belief that hospitality is about not only enjoying impeccable service and luxurious amenities, but also having meaningful cultural experiences and meeting like-minded people in environments that match your personal style.


“It all started from merely a dream: a tribute to the rousing vigor of life…” states Mr.Imransyah, who decided to unite his business lines under one roof in 2014.


Bestowing distinct experiences with eccentric and confident taste, The Gunawarman, an iconic luxury residence and Syah Establishments’ latest masterpiece has revealed a harmony of European classic décor meets contemporary nonchalance, where sophistication is an understatement.

Welcome To
The Gunawarma

The Gunawarman is an exclusive luxury residence where indulgence and design is core to its value. It places enormous emphasis on celebrating individuality in the hospitality world.


The Gunawarman believes that the strength and credibility is dependent on the quality of its personalized value. it ensures that only the very best service with the highest standards are applied, thus ensuring that the quality of the experience that guests receive is consistent.


The Gunawarman offers an artisanal luxury approach: combining fabulous craftmanship of the furnitures, artworks and detail design. Offering a one of a kind experience that elevate the senses with impeccable services, charming attitude, timeless taste, intimate feel, substantial dining, swanky environment and well-groomed personals, all in one comprehensive private property.


What we aim for The Gunawarman is to be the titleholder of the “Small Luxury Independent Hotelier” for the “Independent Minded” customer.


The Design

At The Gunawarman, we endeavour to prepare our hotels to navigate through the shifting markets and respond to the ever changing patterns of customer behaviour.

The European classic décor steeped in a mixture of sophistication, ecentricity, nonchalance, and extravagance. Everything that gives that destination its unique flavor.

We celebrated design aesthetic, providing a home-away-from-home in a harmonious and stylish environment for a unique lifestyle experience defined by the highest standards of hospitality

The Place

Nestled in the heart of Jakarta Selatan, where lies the central business district surrounded by renowned f&b and lifestyle establishments, crowing the area with a prominent repute and lively milieus.